Replay video transferred into Storyline causing extra black screen time at the end

Feb 08, 2021

Hi there,

I've created a 1 min and 7 second video in Replay and imported it into my Storyline module as I've been doing for 6 other modules and for some reason this time it added 20 seconds of black screen at the end of the video. It's not an issue in Replay, its happening in Storyline. I can't seem to remove the last extra black screen time. Help!



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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi Devon,

I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue with your imported Replay 360 video! A couple of questions to narrow down the problem:

  • Before you preview or publish the project in Storyline 360, do you see the twenty seconds of black screen at the end of your video?
  • In Storyline 360, if you right-click on the video timeline, click Edit Video, are you able to trim the ending?

If you’re unable to edit the video even after importing, I’d like to have our team look at your file. Would you feel comfortable sharing your .story file publicly here or privately with our support engineers so we can help troubleshoot?

Looking forward to hearing back!

Katherine McKinney

Hi Maria,

Yes, I thought I could edit it in Replay but there is no black screen there. It seems to get added when its imported into Storyline. I even re-recorded the ending of the video and it was still then when I imported it. 

And yes, I tried the second thing but there is no black screen in the edit mode and it says there is 1 min and 7 second total when its previewed the 20 seconds of black screen is there.

I'll try to share my content privately.