Replaying courses

Sep 10, 2018

I recently received a request that, when a user retakes a course they've previously completed, they don't want to be forced to work through the course in order again the way they did the first time. I generally set our courses (both Storyline 360 and Rise) with restricted navigation. That seems to be the overriding factor. So they can go back and take the course again, but they have to start from square 1. 

Has anyone else had complaints about this? Is there any workaround, at least in Storyline?


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Cheryl Hoover

Thank you for the options, Crystal. I have over 25 Storyline courses that would need adjusting, and I haven't had the spare time to do that. And that wouldn't help the 10+ Rise courses. I'm hoping my LMS will just get it fixed. It used to work fine and suddenly stopped working. If there are standard troubleshooting tips your engineers can send on to my LMS, BlueVolt, send them along! Thanks again for the ideas.

Cheryl Hoover

Just to update this thread, my LMS, BlueVolt, has confirmed it's a known issue for them with both Rise and Storyline. They said they would have to overhaul their SCORM player, which would cost tens of thousands of dollars, something they're not willing to do, so the only workaround I have is free navigation. 

Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas on this topic.

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