Replicate Carvan Effect

Mar 22, 2023

I am trying to replicate the carvana type effect that when you click on a hotspot the image get smaller.  Since I am using multiple states is there a way to make sure all the states change size when the main image changes size.

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John Morgan

Hi Michael,

Wow! Carvana's website is pretty slick! Utilizing Storyline to mimic some of the features on that site is a very innovative idea! I have a follow-up question regarding your request so I can understand what you are asking for a little better.

When you are talking about the "Carvana effect" are you talking about the way the picture zooms out and also reveals details about the area clicked?

Thanks for reaching out and I look forward to your response!

Michael Carlino

John, thanks for responding to my post.  You are correct that is what I am trying to do is the zoom in zoom out feature part of it.  I have building this idea piece by piece witht he help of digging through the forms.    

The first step has been to replicate the car spinning effect, which I have done with state changes using individual photos and variable changes.  Originally I had to use a slider but have been able to add JavaScript that allows you to do it on a mouse drag.  

The next step is the zoom in and zoom out.  I was hopping there was that type of an effect or animation that could be tiggred in articulate.  What I have found so far is it is something that has to be created and not built into storyline.

I have attached my storyline file with an object spinning in both directions like the carvana car for you to check out.  

Any help would be appreciated