Replicating Screencast mouse click

Aug 17, 2017

Hi, I've got a whole suite of screencasts, very short video clips embedded within the course modules.  I need to add an extra click event - re-shooting the screencast is not possible due to the content shown on the screen (dates, names, etc.).

How can I replicate the click (red circle) and noise associated with a mouse click event ?



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Ron Price

You manually add the mouse click - by choosing insert mouse.  Then under mouse tools choose the clicks (single or double for sound)  and circle (show click effects).

However, if your slide already has a mouse click on it, this is not possible. The limitations are: only one Mouse per slide and they cannot be added to Layers

Stu Hilton

Well, to achieve this I used the donut shape, adjusted for size and line width and coloured red. I downloaded a free mouse-click .wav.

Careful positioning of the shape (on the cursor hand's finger)  and setting the sound file to run alongside the shape animation (grow for 0.1 sec, shrink for 0.1 sec)  has replicated (as near as to be not noticeably different) a mouse click.

Hope that helps someone.

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