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May 30, 2013

Hi everyone,

For years I have been adding a little extra code to the file that is produced upon publication of projects that contain quizzes (both Quizmaker/Presenter and Storyline).  

This additional coding puts a couple a statements at the bottom of the printed quiz results to get users and their managers to sign off - this was at the request of the client.   This has become especially important as Storyline doesn't actually allow you to name a quiz and print it on the results- not good for auditing.

I'm not particularly skilled at writing html code but know enough to achieve what I need here.  However, since Storyline Upgrade 3 the html code looks like it's been put through a blender.  Articulate Support haven't been able to help so I'm hoping someone out there can tell me how to decipher the report.html file now.

I have attached two screenshots. one is how the report.html file looked before the upgrade (standard appearance for html code I thought) and one shows how its produced now.

Any ideas??

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