Report three separate scores to LMS

Hello Everyone
Good to be back! I have been working on Adaptive Assessment in Storyline 360. The scope of the project is to create 3 assessments that define the first three levels of Bloom Taxonomy. Everything is done and have created three different Result slides. Whenever I publish the course, the LMS shows the scores of the last result slide. How can I see the scores of all three results slides in LMS? Is there a way? I think I could send statements via xAPI but how? Big question :)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mohammad,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you would like to see with your course.

You could add in a cumulative result slide to combine those results slides into a final grade to be reported if needed. Check out our documentation here.

Hopefully, other members of the community will chime in and share how they are accomplishing a similar design need.

We do have an open feature request for additional xAPI reporting that I'm adding this conversation too.