Reporting a cumulative grade score using question groups

Jun 19, 2012


We are creating a math placement test. This test covers many areas - algebraic expressions, circles, solving equations, etc. We would like the final result slide to be a cumulation of the indivdual question group results. Based on what we have read it should be possible, but does anyone know how to do it?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Karen!

Storyline allows you to use multiple result slides in the same course (although only one result slide can be tracked in Articulate Online or another LMS). You can combine scores from multiple result slides to create a final result slide with a consolidated score. Check out this tutorial, particularly section three, to learn how to combine points from each quiz. Let us know if that's what you're looking for...


Renee Evans

Hi there!  I have read through various tutorials and blog threads to figure out the cumulative scoring, but it appears I may still be missing a step.  I have constructed the module to allow for the learner to select which quiz is appropriate based upon the attended ILT course.  There are seven different assessments.  Currently, each assessment concludes with its own results slide (illustrated below).  As I work through adding the cumulative results slide (#10 Untitled), I am finding challenges with the scoring.  

For this particular scenario, the final results (currently set to cumulative) only need to reflect the score of the quiz completed for recording in the aligned LMS.  In this case, since only one quiz is required for completion, would I need a cumulative results slide? Or will the LMS recognize and record the score for the quiz completed?

Any guidance you can offer is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Renee! You stated that it worked within the Storyline module? Does that mean during preview? Content is best tested when published and tested in its intended environment.  To identify if the problem lies with Articulate or your LMS, can you test the content in SCORM Cloud? If you cannot replicate the issue, then the issue lies with your LMS, but if you can, please pop back in and share your .story file for us to have a look at.

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