Reporting a number variable to an LMS

Oct 11, 2017

Dear community,

I have found the thread and discussion of how to report and variable to the LMS. However, all the examples I have found are reporting an text variable.  I am trying to show that the student received 80 points or above therefore passing the course. All my variables are numbers. 

I have 5 scenes where they can receive 20 points each.  I have a totaling result slide. From the reporting a variable to an LMS discussion thread I made a short survey question and result slide.  But that does not seem to solve my problem. I only lets me choose an text variable not a numeric one. 

What am I missing? 


Thanks for any advice. 

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Hoffman  EMS Consulting

Dear Wendy,

I am still having issues with this problem.  Using the result slide, the LMS is showing the module complete, with a score of 100%, even if the student fails.  When I try this in Scorm cloud it shows the pass  and score unknown.  

The Client is happy with how the slide scores and operates. Of course with the exception with the reporting. If there is another way, easier way to give them what they want I would love to hear if you have any suggestions. 

Wendy Farmer

Hey Tamarah

i've just downloaded your file and trying to get my head around it - it's been a quite a few months since I looked at it and it's only 5am here in Australia ;-)

I'm not seeing where you are sending a result to the LMS - what is the name of the total score variable and where is the JS trigger to send the information? 


Hoffman  EMS Consulting


Thanks so much for responding, I am really stuck on this one.

Here my result slide:

The grand total score of all the patients are %grandptscoretotal%

Currently the LMS is only getting that it is complete, and all scores are coming out as 100%. I want them to report the grandptscoretotal and if that is a pass.

So the trigger I have is this:

Any help you can give would be great!



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tamarah,

It sounds like you need to capture a number variable and send it to your LMS, is that right? In that case, you'd use a How Many survey slide to do this. Follow this tutorial to see how it's done. 

Keep in mind, sending a numeric variable to the LMS is not going to override the the quiz score completion and success reporting. I'll leave it to the community to share how they've worked around that.

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