Reporting and tracking results for multiple quizes in a single course with Saba

Jun 20, 2016

Hello, I have a course that flows like this (this is simplified, but explains enough for my question):

The learner takes a 10 question quiz (Quiz1).

If she fails the quiz, she must retake it. This repeats until she passes.

If and when she passes the quiz, she must respond to an affirmation statement. She can answer yes or no.  

This affirmation statement is setup as a 1 question quiz (Quiz2). Yes is the correct answer.

Right now I am tracking using the results from Quiz2. If she scores 100% on Quiz2 she completes the course successfully. 

Is there a way to report the results from Quiz1 to Saba as well as tracking the response to Quiz2?

I hope I made that clear enough. Thank you for reading.


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