Question with same Answer for different Statements

It is possible to have the same answer for multiple statements. e.g.


Statement - Answer is Yes

Statement - Answer is No

Statement - Answer is Yes

Statement - Answer is Yes

Statement - Answer is No.

I used the drop down selection for the answers which isn't working because it has to be the exact Yes or No that was assigned to the statement. Is there another way to do this?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rebecca

It's in the Quizzing > Survey > Likert Scale.  It may or may not suit what you are after, and you might have to play with it a little to customise with the feedback you want.  If you need help doing an example to see if it will work just send the details through - you can email me directly as if you like.  The screenshot below is from SL1


Rebecca Lonton

I have updated it so it is just the 2 options - Yess and No however it doesn't allow me to select the anwer that they will need to get the question right.

We have a bunch of 14 questions after the eLearning module and the question they need to put a Yes Or no next to each statement. Hope that makes sense. I can add it as an attachment if that helps.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ya

have a look at this if this is closer to what you need.  Just a blank slide created with shapes and button sets for the Yes / No, then a couple of layers.  Basic response at the moment All 'A' - correct, All B - incorrect.  Need to update the triggers which may be a pain but I don't know of another way to do it...I'm sure there is a HERO out there who could help.

Yell out if you need any more help