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Jan 08, 2020

Hi all, 

I'm brand new to creating courses that have rigorously-tracked responses and I'm having some issues with reporting of one course. Our LMS is SumTotal (Growth Edition). The compliance course I'm having issues with is set up to be a slide of information, then a set of three (pick one) yes or no questions. If the learner selects "no," they move directly to the next question. If the learner selects "yes," they are routed to an essay response. The essay response has the previous button totally disabled and learners are not able to advance until they enter text into the essay box. I've then set it up so that responses are sent to the LMS when the learner finishes a final acknowledgement and ends the course. 

So in theory, learners should not be able to re-visit any questions after initial response and responses shouldn't be sent to the LMS until the very end of the course. Unfortunately something is going awry because for a few learners, they somehow have an interaction ID that is duplicated.   I don't understand how this is really possible - no "yes" responses are recorded for this user so they shouldn't have even been presented with the option to respond to an essay question. I'm really at the end of my knowledge here and would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give. Example from report and course (without company info, that's why it looks weird) attached.

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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Lindsey!

To add to the troubleshooting collection, I published your course using Storyline 360 (Update 35) and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud. Here's the link, and here's a quick snapshot of my test in Chrome 79!

Like Lauren's and your test, I'm unable to reach an essay question when selecting 'No.' They appear when selecting 'Yes.'

For next steps, it might be helpful to enable LMS Debug Mode to see the communication between your Storyline course and SumTotal. If you can provide the resulting log along with the SCORM Cloud findings to your LMS team, they should be able to spot the cause.

Let me know if you have any more questions! Also, if you're able to share the log with us, we're happy to help you interpret it!

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