Reporting Likert Scale questions and Short Answer Questions to LMS

Mar 11, 2019

Is it possible to report Likert Scale questions and answers as well as shorts answers to the LMS?  I have a course eval with both likert and short answer however it's not reporting.  

Help.  Ive already missed out on 1000 responses because I cannot retrieve the responses within SUMTOTAL.

Im using Storyline 360

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Latoya. Here's the two things I'd check, assuming your LMS can read this information:

  • Do you have a results slide that is reporting those questions' data to the LMS? Even if it doesn't look like a results slide, learners will need to land on it to send the information to your LMS.
  • SCORM 2004 format sends the most information to the LMS. Try publishing for this format to include question text in your reporting.

Let me know how you make out!

Karen OBrien



I am also working in Storyline360 and am using a likert slide.

I have followed Crystal's steps and have set up a results slide, plus have output to scorm2004, but I am getting no reported data in scormcloud. 

I just wanted to verify that this method actually works on standard LMS's? Or do I need to follow Phil's advice and build custom questions instead of using the likert slide?

Karen OBrien

Thanks Phil!

I ended up getting the likert slide to report to scormcloud in the end. But it's definitely not a 100% ideal workaround as I had to track course completion to the result slide (that's linked to the likert slide).

This meant I had to forsake our client's original requirements for course completion. (We have an attestation slide in the build where the learner must check off items on a list and then click 'I attest' to track the course as complete. For this we were using the 'track using complete course trigger'.)

Steven Burkey

Are the captured responses appearing as "Null" values in SumTotal? If so, that can be caused if the data format doesn't match what the SumTotal LMS is expecting. I've experienced that with different types of questions, including Storyline's LIkert, Matching, and Sequencing questions. I believe that happened when I used special characters (e.g. parenthesis) in the distractor text for those question types. For Short Answer & Essay questions, the responses may appear as Null if they exceed the character lengths.

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