Republished Articulate Storyline to Articulate 360 issues now on the Ipads.

Dec 08, 2020

Hello I wonder if the community can help me with this issue.

I originally created this app almost 7 years ago and it has been working great for years.  It was built in articulate storyline and was meant to be used on the computer or ipad.  On the ipad it used the articulate storyline player.

Fast forward till now, I republished it with articulate storyline 360 and now the users use the app on their browsers.  Since then the app on the ipad has been very clunky and unresponsive.  Is their any advice or remedy that could help fix this issue.  It is widely used in our preschools as a main learning object.  

Here is the link to the articulate 360 published application.


Any advice would be appreciated.  thanks

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ben,

HTML5 support has matured in all major browsers, making HTML5 the best experience for mobile learners. And courses look beautiful on any device with the responsive player that’s built into Storyline 360.

Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) courses rely on Flash output, so we’ll end support for the AMP app on December 31, 2020. Since operating systems plan to disable Flash at the end of 2020, we don’t expect AMP to continue working after that.

David Breen

Hi Leslie,

HTML5 is not the best experience for tablets. The AMP app worked great on Androids and iPads. Since the AMP app is being abandoned, we were forced to ask our users to rely on their wifi and stream our modules through their browsers on their tablets.

iPad and Safari is almost unusable. Animations are extremely clunky and audio consistently doesn't work. 

I've seen this issue posted elsewhere and I hope there's work being done to fix this problem.

Lauren Connelly

Hi David!

I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us! I've started a case with our Support Engineers on your behalf so that we can understand exactly what you're running into. I've sent you a brief email explaining the next steps, so please let me know if you haven't received that.

You'll hear from our Support Engineers shortly!