Require learner to click on multiple hotspots before they can continue

Hi all. I have to hotspots that link out to two separate documents, and we want the learner to click and view each document before they can continue to the next slide. 

I know how to get this behavior for one hotspot, but not two or more.

For one my method in Articulate 360 is:

  1. Trigger to hide the Next arrow at the start of the timeline
  2. Trigger to change state of the Next arrow to Normal when the user clicks Hotspot 1.
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Scott Wiley

Needing something to evaluate to only enable Next after clicking required objects, hotspots can't have states (like "visited") applied, so it would require some variable manipulation to accomplish.

An easier solution could be to use shapes (set to transparent) instead of hotspots. You could then have your trigger set to enable next once state of the shapes are both "visited,"

Hope that helps get you on the right track. I was trying to put a sample file together, but Articulate kept crashing for some mystery reason.