Require visiting main & layer content for a minimum time to advance

Hi, everyone.

I've got a course that's used for dismissing traffic tickets and for employee certification. All content must be viewed to complete a slide and to access the quiz. Navigation is set to free.

For layers triggered by hotspots, I want that layer to be visited, and for a minimum amount of time. (It's usually around 5-15 seconds--just enough to ensure that learners aren't simply clicking through to access the quiz.)

If a layer isn't visited, and it or the main content isn't viewed for a super-speed-reader amount of time, a prompt appears. 

In  the attached file, I've got the following for setting the first slide to 'true':

> Set Hover to true

> When the user clicks the Next button or swipes next

If HoverMain is equal to true

> and HoverLayer is equal to true


Is there a way to set the slide to 'true' once HoverMain and HoverLayer are true, regardless of the next action taken? i.e, whether the Next or Previous buttons are clicked, or the learner exits the module in the LMS.

Thanks for any suggestions!



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David Anderson

Hi Allan,

I took a look at your file and think I found a solution for you. I've attached my edited file as well as a link to a short screencast that walks you through the changes I made.

Allan Dunlop

(Back from some time off for the Canada Day long weekend...)

Thank you so much, David! This is a great help, and I truly appreciate your taking the time to make the screencast to explain everything clearly. Your solution is much more sensible and streamlined.

I had completely forgotten about the 'Pause timeline of base layer' option in the player, as I hadn't been working with Storyline for a while until I purchased 360. Perfect! That was an issue that had me scratching my head.

Also, the 'wipe' animation for the timeline progress bar is something I'll be using now for this kind of work, and for other interactions.

Again, thank you very much for your assistance with this!


Allan Dunlop, Director / The Center for Cycling Education /



Allan Dunlop

I've encountered an issue--the order in which the content is visited affects whether the slide variable changes to 'true.' I'm wondering if anyone has some insight into how this can be corrected.

If HoverLayer is visited for the full time required, and *then* BaseLayer is visited, the slide shows as 'true.' However, if the BaseLayer timeline plays out and *then* HoverLayer is visited, SlideViewComplete  remains as 'false.'

Here is the way it's configured currently:

> Set SlideViewComplete equal to True / When BaseLayer changes / If BaseLayer is equal to true / and HoverLayer is equal to true

I've tried working with various ordering of the variables, and am still having no luck. Is there a way to set this up so that the order in which the content is visited doesn't matter?

Thanks for any assistance!


Wendy Farmer
Allan Dunlop

> Set SlideViewComplete equal to True / When BaseLayer changes / If BaseLayer is equal to true / and HoverLayer is equal to true

Hi Allan

where are the triggers sitting that set HoverLayer to True and Base Layer to True? that are used in the above trigger to set SlideViewComplete?

Might be easier if you can share your file so folks can take a look and help you out.

Allan Dunlop

That did it, Wendy--excellent!

I'll work on a way to replicate these triggers on multiple slides, and I'm thrilled to have this working now. One major roadblock out of the way.

Thank you so much to both you and David.


P.S. I'm attaching the revised file in case this will be of use to others.