Required module with test at end-need to start module at the quiz if learner quits

Hi, I have a compliance module with a 20 question required quiz at the end. I need a way to make sure the module will restart at the quiz if the learner gets to the end of the quiz, fails, and chooses not to retake it at that moment---or if the learner quits during the middle of the quiz.

Can anyone help me with this?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Julie!

If you're using the Prompt to Resume or Always Resume setting, Storyline will reopen to the last slide viewed by default. 

However, it sounds like you would prefer the course to resume on the first quiz slide if the learner completes the quiz and fails, or if the learner leaves in the middle of the quiz.

You may be able to make that work using variables and a little creativity. I'll invite our community of designers to share their tips and ideas with you!