Requiring demo along with callout and audio added in SCORM output


In the published Storyline SCORM output, I am able to view the consolidated file, story.swf or index_lms, but unable to find the output of individual slides similar to the feature available in the Articulate presenter SCORM.

For example, I recorded a Show Me demo in storyline, and included some callouts and audio in the timeline. The SCORM output displays audio as well as callouts along with the video. But, the individual output (MP4) video that is stored under the "Articulate Storyline output\story_content" folder shows only the video but not audio or callouts.

Do we get this feature in Storyline too?


Sathees Kannan. U

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Sathees Kannan

Hi Leslie,

I want to view the published SCORM output  of the course as well as individual slides, demos, and activities. This is because all L1 learners have to go through the course and complete it. However, want to link only some demos (Show Me, Try It, and Practice It demos) in the course to some L2 or L3 learners and want them to view those individual demos. For a simple task, I can't make them to walk through from the first slide every time.

Articulate presenter has this option. Is it possible to include this feature in Articulate Storyline too? Else, is there any work around for this issue? If so, please share it.


Sathees Kannan. U

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sathees, thanks for clarifying your question.  It is not possible to locate a specific content item or courselocation by using the raw files within the published Storyline output.  Inorder to differentiate instruction between specific learners, thisdifferentiation will need to be either (a) build into the course itself or (b)built into different courses for each level of learner.