Reset a drag and drop (D&D) object

Jun 27, 2018


Searched all D&D forum discussions but still have my challenge.  Please refer to the attachment. 

D&D Object2 onto Object1

Object1 state changes to Object1a

Object 2 changes state to hidden

What I want to achieve is to reset the object I have dragged and dropped, back to its starting position so the user can change their choice, ie to Object3.  Replaying the slide would resolve this but I want to have a second set of D&D items on the page, unrelated to the first set, so a replay isn't an option.

All help appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Doug,

How are you looking to bring the user back to this slide or provide them feedback about their incorrect choice? Perhaps you could use a function on a try again layer to change the state of objects when a user clicked a button? 

That won't reset the location of the dragged item though - I know when folks have had to implement that as an option, jumping back to the slide in question was the best method (while visiting a blank slide for a brief moment in between. That way the whole slide will follow it's reset functionality. 

Doug McCormick

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply.  My project is not a pure "learning" project.  Users will be provided with a number of options on the one slide, allowing them to pick and choose a solution that meets their needs.  If they attempt to choose an invalid set of objects, they will be warned to choose again.  The outcome is a bill of materials.

Imagine Object1 is a cup and Objects 2 & 3 are different coloured saucers.  The user drags the saucer of choice onto the cup and the cup is then replaced with an image of the cup on the selected saucer, Object1a.

I have managed to come up with a solution as attached.  By setting a very short and quick motion path on each of Object2 and Object3, when you click on the reset, the object that you had dropped on Object1, changing it to Object1a, returns very, very close to its home position.  Not sure why it needs the motion path but it works!

Thanks again for your reply.

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