Reset button (not for a quiz)

Jan 14, 2022

Hi everyone,
I need a reset button...
My module simulates a conversation (4 scenes = 4 discussions). 

My slide properties are set on 'Resume saved state" (I need this property so that the learner could go back and read the beginning of the discussion).

And then, I need a reset button if the learner wants to try other answers (jump to the 1st slide of the scene AND reset to initial state). The button is located on the slide master (1 master per scene).

I read that this feature doesn't exist...
Does someone know how to create it? Maybe with javascript?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Isabelle!

I'm happy to step in! It sounds like you're simply hoping to refresh the course using a button. In Storyline 360, you can reset quiz questions but there isn't a trigger to reset the entire course. What I'd recommend is to add triggers to set buttons to the normal state when the variable reaches a specific value. For example, you can start by adding a variable called "Reset." Determine what the value should be when the learner reaches the end. Lastly, change the state of objects to normal when the variable reaches that value.

This is just one suggestion but I'm excited to see what others suggest too!