Reset drag & drop BEFORE submitting

Oct 10, 2017

Does anyone know how to reset a d&d before you click submit? If the learner drags an item and accidently drops it on a different drop target than they meant to, I'd like them to be able to redo it.

Thanks very much.

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Martin Garnett

Hi Stuart,

After a learner drags something onto a drop target, they should be able to re-drag it at their own will. It won't submit until they click "Submit", or a custom button that "Submits Results".

In terms of re-setting the interaction, this gets a little more complicated as there's no trigger to my knowledge that does this. You can create a custom "Reset" button, that jumps to the same slide. Make sure in the slide settings, you have it set to "Reset to initial state".

Hope this helps!


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