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Oct 15, 2019

Dear Heroes,

I have changed the order of some slides within a scene in Storyline and would like to have them numbered accordingly. I have done the following:

Player>>Menu>>Reset from story

However, the slide numbering is still out of order. Functionally, the slides route where they are supposed to, but the numbering is very confusing, especially to my reviewers. There is some conditional routing, i.e., if Q 3.15 is correct, they go to 3.21, incorrect, goes to 3.17, but both of those go to 3.20. Any idea how to rectify this?

I added a screenshot of the order they are in right now and tried to illustrate it below with slide numbers. Would love to hear how to fix this!


3.17 & 3.21



3.18 &  3.19





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Diarmaid Collins

I really hope there is a quick fix answer to this but I have yet to find it.

In my experience, what has worked for me in the past was to change the specification on the Next and Back triggers to the generic "Next Slide" and "Previous Slide" instead of specific slides and then right-click and cut the errant slides out, then click on the slide I want the sequence to begin from again, then paste the slide(s) back in.

They seem to assume the correct numbering once pasted back in. It is a little trickier with branching slides, but it's doable. Awkward.

Sorry if that isn't more helpful. It works for me and my clients are always jumbling slides around after a build has been done. Sigh.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Melanie, 

From Story View, you can drag and drop the scenes to re-align the slide order/number: 

The above workflow might change the navigation order for your course, so you will want to be sure that the correct path is intact. You will also want to check the slide triggers in place that jump from one slide to the next to be sure the right order is there.

I also found an older thread that provides additional insights on Slide Order here

Melanie Brooks

Hi Vincent,


Yes, this works if the scenes themselves are not updating numbers correctly ( I have definitely used this technique!). My problem, however, was slide numbering within a scene. The solution Diarmaid came up with works well. 

Between your solution and his, one should be able to correct numbering both intra-scene and inter-scene. Thanks!

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