Reset results for one question (draw from question bank) but not others

Dec 15, 2015

Hi everyone, 


I'm trying to use Storyline 2 to create a tool to teach a little girl with Autism an auditory/visual discrimination (touching a picture of one character when she hears one sound and a different picture when she hears a different one). 


I have 4 different slides that are functioning as my "questions". These are four "hotspot" questions with one correct and one incorrect response (1 question with a "monkey" on the left and "mickey mouse" on the right, 1 with the "monkey" on the right and "mickey on the left, etc.)


I have a "draw from question bank" set up to deliver random questions, but I need to use the "results reset" function to prevent the "draw from question bank" slide present the same slide over and over again. 


My problem is that I want to be able to reset the "draw from question bank" in order to present a random "question" each time, but I also want to be able to keep track of the results. It looks like the "results reset" function is currently deleting all of my data. 


Any ideas? I've uploaded what I've got going so far. 


Thanks so much!



-Michael Jones

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing the .story file here. I can see that you're choosing to draw all the questions during the question bank and to do so randomly, so are you looking for the user to be able to retake the quiz or when would you need the reset functionality to occur? If using the "reset results" trigger, that will do just do - remove the previous data and allow the user to go through the course again with a new attempt at each question. 

As far as tracking the results, that is something that is handled by an LMS, so they may be able to track that the user received X score on the first attempt, and then on a second attempt (with your reset) a score of Y and so on. I'd defer to your LMS team or the community to weigh in on how to set up the specifics of that. 

If I'm misunderstanding or you'd like to share a bit more information for community assistance please feel free to include that here. 

michael jones

Hi Ashley, 


Thanks so much for the speedy reply! I don't think I explained the gist of it well enough (it's a tricky thing to talk about!). 

This is what I would like to happen, ideally:


1. The student is presented with one of four randomized hotspot questions (these are made randomized by utilizing the "draw from question bank" feature). 

2. The student hears a sound (an audio file that plays automatically when the slide starts) and clicks on the correct hotspot area.

3. The students response to that particular question is recorded

4. Following a correct response, the student is redirected to a slide containing a short video which plays automatically. Following an incorrect response, the student is directed to a blank screen that remains for 10 seconds. 

5. After the video ends/the 10 seconds elapse, the student is presented with another randomized question (using the same "draw from question bank" feature as the first time)

6. This cycle continues (either until 5 minutes elapse, or until the "DATA" button at the top of the player is pressed).

7. Either at the end of 5 minutes or when the DATA button is pressed, the results are displayed showing all of the questions (an assortment of the same 4 questions, but repeatedly presented over many trials) and a score out of the total number of questions attempted. For example, if the student saw question #1 7 times, question #2 3 times, question #3 5 times, and question #4 6 times, and the student got all but 3 correct, the results page would read: "18/21". If we choose to review, we would be able to see which questions the student answered correctly and incorrectly.


So, that would be the ideal situation. Though with the way I have it set up now, I am having serious issues with parts #3 and #7. In other words, the data for each question are not being recorded (since I need to utilize a reset results function in order to have the draw from question bank present a random question each time it occurs), or if they are I just simply cannot access them after a new random question is presented. 

I REALLY hope that all makes sense! 

Thanks again for your help! I think Storyline 2 is an incredible piece of software (one that I am desperately trying to convince my adviser to purchase) and it is made that much better by such a wonderful online community ready to offer all the help they can!


-Michael Jones

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for sharing that whole set up here. Since you're pointing back to the same question banks, the user could be presented with new questions or ones they never saw before, that's the set up of it being random. Since they may reanswer the question again, it'll need to be reset, and Storyline won't show how they answered each time. Your LMS may be able to track that set up - but you 'll want to reach out to them specifically for that. 

Perhaps you could use multiple instances or duplicates of the question bank, so that even though they're seeing the same question it's a new copy or pull of it vs. revisiting the slide?

I also did want to share, that you could utilize the quiz timer to be able to determine when the users overall time is up and that should force them to the results slide. You can enable  the quiz timer from the results slide. 

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