Resetting A slide to initial state

May 09, 2014


I have set up a freeform drag and drop slide, with a try again layer if an incorrect option is dragged.

My issue is that the incorrect option stays in the drop area when they are re-visiting the base slide to try again, which is causing confusion for users.

I have set the option on the base slide to Reset to initial state when revisiting, but this does not seem to register as the slide is never left, only a layer shown then hidden.

Is there a way to reset the base slide after the try again layer is hidden.

Many thanks


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to share a suggestion that I think may work for you.

On the "Try Again" layer, remove the trigger that hides the layer. Add a trigger to the "Try Again" button that jumps to the slide that contains your Drag-and-Drop question. If that slide is set to "reset to initial state" it should load the slide again with the objects in their original positions.

I'm attaching a quick example of this, just in case you want to check it out.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this! :)

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