Resetting course outside of Articulate 360

Sep 29, 2022

We run a number of courses built in Storyline which then report to an external LRS (which then controls certificates, etc.) - access to the courses is controlled by designated managers within the organisations we work with.  Once access is granted the user is able to start the relevant course from a link in their profile.  What we want to be able to do is to allow the managers to be able to reset their users access to a course meaning that they have to retake the course (usually because there is a requirement for the same course to be repeated annually).  Our plan was that the manager can click a button in their dashboard and this would reset the course, however we are not able to get past the "Resume" screen meaning that users can click that they want to resume and essentially get their certificate issued again without redoing the course.

This is therefore a long-winded way of asking if there is a way to externally reset a course in Articulate through the LRS or some other means?

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Sam Hill

Hi Andy, this sounds like something that should take place outside of the course and on the LMS/LRS. Is it important that the users historical data is stored, or are you just looking to wipe out their data and start fresh?

I've seen this done in LMS, just through creating a new offering. How is the user accessing the content, is it through some kind of LMS, or is it just a website with the course hooked up to the LRS? I'm guessing there must be some kind of login in order to get the users details that are associated with their data on the LRS?