Resetting results from drag and drop

I have created a drag and drop. As far as results, I have created a variable and increased it by one each time a correct interaction happens. The interaction asks them to order six rectangles into an organizational structure diagram. I created a variable "correctanswers" which increases by 1 for each correct placement. I created three result slide layers - Perfect for "correctanswers" = 6, Majority for "correctanswers" <6 and > or = to 3 and Minority for "correctanswers" <3. The interaction tabulates correctly. But the built in review button doesn't show the correct answers and the reset button doesn't reset the variable. I've created a trigger to reset variable "correctanswers" to 0 when user clicks reset. It's also not resetting the results slide layer as a result. I've attached the file here. Can anyone help?


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Guy!

I'm happy to help! It sounds you're looking for two things in your project, 1) Reset the results to 0 when the user clicks Retry and 2) The correct answers to appear when the user clicks "Review."

I can help with both of these. First, it looks like you have the correct triggers, but the order affects the score from changing to 0. Instead, move the "Set Correct Answers to value 0" to the top of the Retry triggers. Next, for the correct answers to appear, I'd add a slide where the correct answers are shown. I've added these changes to your course and attached the file to this reply. You'll also notice the Feedback Layers appear briefly. You can either remove the Feedback Layers or keep them.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Guy Bosworth

Thank you. That fixed the reset and review problems. I was distracted by the feedback layers flashing before the results slide appeared. When I deleted the feedback layers then the interaction suddenly started going to the Correct slide 1.3 instead of the results slide. I can't seem to figure out how to get it to go to the results slide and only show the correct slide when the user clicks review. I appreciate your help with this.