Resetting the Slide

Sep 07, 2021

Hello everyone,

i need a Trigger to reset the Slide with the all other Triggers/ Functions.
I made a Course, i have a D&D Exercise, after completing this Exercise, if i use the side navigation and go to another page and come back, my drag items are back and everything look normal resetted. But when i do my first attempt, it gives me the first solution.

So basically, Storyline only resets the items not the Progress of that one Page (if i need to reset it). (resets to initial state on the settings is not working in that case).

What i need is a Trigger;
-Reset the Progress on this page, when the timeline starts 



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Ren Gomez

Hi Arda,

Thanks for reaching out! Do you know if there are any triggers or variables on this slide that would be affected when you start it?

I'm curious as to why the slide elements are already moved in your first attempt but are able to reset when revisiting.

If you're able to share your file here, someone can take a look and provide insight. You can also share it privately here with our support team!