Resetting the start position of a scrolling panel

Nov 06, 2014

I am looking for a way of resetting the starting position of a scroll panel.

  1. The scroll panel currently resides on the Slide Master on a layer
  2. The layer's properties are set to Reset to initial state
  3. I have tried to make states of the text area in the scroll panel and change from one state to another  when the activating button is pressed.
  4. I thought about making a state for the scroll panel, but states for a scroll panels are not allowed
  5. The text in the scroll panel contains a variable that is fed multiple times per slide.
  6. The text box in the scroll panel is set to Do no Autofit
  7. The text box in the scroll field is larger than needed and will allow future content to be larger - the issue here being that if the learner scrolls down to read and new content becomes available, that new content may not be seen do to the scrolling issue

It seems that this should be a simple set up since variables are permitted and text boxes can resize to fit content. The issue here seems to be a run time issue when content is fed dynamically.

My end goal is to have a context sensitive help feature that doesn't require me to make a new text box on a slide everytime I change content - including copy and pasting the slide with existing triggers and text boxes resized. This seems to me to be a perfect use of the master slide, variables, and resizable text boxes.

Thank you for your help

Something like this was posted 2 years ago with no response:

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Greg,

Within Storyline's standard features I haven't seen any way to set the starting point for a scrolling panel or determine it to be reset. 

It may be something the community has accomplished with the use of Javascript or similar, so I hope that they're able to weigh in here and share some additional information. 

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