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Jul 05, 2012

Hi, I've been reading through the community to find a way to resize Matching Drag and Drop boxes, as Jeanette demonstrated for Quizmaker slides. 

I have a slide with boxes that are all the same size, but the fonts are all wacky sizes because some boxes have more content than others - and I'd like to size the boxes to be big enough to fit the largest content - and the fonts to be the same across the board.

Reading different sized fonts on the same slide (and across the entire CBT course) is very hard on eyes.  I'd like to make it easier on the poor learners.

Can't find information to resize boxes (and ergo fonts).   Can it be done? How?

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Colette Levesque

One way of not having to recreate this quiz with freeform is to make the first column fixed and drawing boxes over them and entering your text in them. That way you can create the one with the longest line of text first, then make the others the same font size. * i just realized this answer is 2 years later but hopefully it is of use to anyone trying to solve this problem now *

Ian Skuse

This drag and drop matching template is pretty useless unless you have the same amount of text for each section.  If you turn off auto sizing of the text and then resize shape, it makes the right side boxes bigger than the left size... really unstable.  Not sure why you just can't adjust the height of the boxes and have it apply to both left and right sides. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Veronique and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thank you for reaching out and sharing that you would like to see this feature as well. This conversation is attached to a feature request shared with our team.

The matching drag and drop shapes and text are set automatically to keep it consistent across answers. Have you considered using a freeform drag & drop interaction? It'll allow for more flexibility in the design!

Veronique Hofman

Hello Leslie,

Indeed I made a freeform drag and drop, but it there was one thing I couldn't fix and that is the case with the normal drag and drop :


When I drag and drop an orange icon to the blue one, it's possible that the orange is above an other orange.
In the drag and drop "template" when there is one that covers another, the other one will be automatically replaced.

Hope you understand me?

Kind regards,
Veronique Hofman
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Christa Fricke

I'm having similar issues, but maybe worse? One of my three options expanded on it's own and I can't figure out how to expand the rest... The answer on the right of the last one is expanding and collapsing randomly. I'd also like to change the color, but that doesn't seem to be an option either.

Matching Quiz


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Veronique,

Did you open a support case with our team via the link that Lauren shared above? You can edit your reply above by logging in to that account. It looks like you have two different profiles, which is probably why you do not see the option to edit. 

I'm not clear on which email you'd prefer to use, so I've not opened a support case on your behalf.