Resizing Shapes Gives Unexpected Results

Jul 29, 2021

Hello all,

Is anyone else having problems with shapes not resizing as expected? Since installing the last update, frequently—but inconsistently—when I resize shapes, they do not end up the size and/or proportions I put them to. Ovals I constrain to circles with the shift key pop to ovoid instead. Rectangles I enlarge get smaller. Identical shapes I resize together wind up different sizes or proportions.

I have attached a pic of the rectangle twins ending up different when I tried to make them longer together.



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Allen!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We don't have this behavior where resizing shapes changes to different proportions, logged as a bug. I'd like to understand better what steps you're taking when you see this inconsistency. Would you mind uploading a Peek of the behavior?

I really appreciate your help with troubleshooting this issue!