Resolution in Storyline vs Photoshop


I have a Picture 1280x720 open in Photoshop and a Story Size of 1280x720 open in Storyline.

When I Import the picture into Storyline, it occupies the entire Slide. As expected.

But when I compare the amount of pixels the different workspaces occupy, they do not match up.

It looks more blurry in Storyline, which leads me to believe that it's upscaled somehow. How do I fix this?

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Asbjørn Reinhold Ravn

I tried with a perfectly sized image as well, still the same. The image made in Photoshop fits perfectly into the story size. No problems during export either. It's just the workspace that is enlarged.

I'll try with the 96 DPI see if that changes anything. If Storyline has a 96 DPI workspace then it might!