Resource for learning more about variables and SL

Jun 03, 2013


I want to learn/know more about variables and SL.  I've looked at all the tutorials on the topic and have a very basic understanding of them, but I'd really like to understand the logic behind them rather than copy what someone else has created.

Does anyone know a good printed (and illustrated) refernce or source on the topic of variables and SL?  I've started viewing the videos on YouTube on the topic.  What about Screenrs other than those on the SL website?


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David Anderson
Alan Landers

Thanks, David.  I'll look at these today and tonight.  I'm picking up a bit more on variables.  That is my next big skill acquisition.  I'm pretty comfortable with the rest of the program.  I'll let you know when I run into other topics I'd like to know more about.  I'm pretty sure porting stories to a LMS will be one of them.

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