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Apr 11, 2014


On my Resource tab I seem to be missing the lead text for the links that is put in under Resource Description. I have text entered but it is not showing up (see image below). I'm wondering if I have that text set to white? If so, I can't find where to change that specific colour.  Any ideas anyone?


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Chris,

To change the  color for this "lead text,", open the Player Properties (From the Home tab, click the Player button in the Publish group). Then

  1. Click the Color and Effects button
  2. Click the Show advanced color editing link (in the screen shot you see Hide advanced color editing because I've already opened it)
  3. Click the drop-down arrow associated with Edit item
  4. Hover over editor
  5. Click html_text

That will open a window where you can change the color and transparency.

Check out A Color Diagram to Help You Customize Your Storyline Player Colors where former staff member Jeanette Brooks provides a brief description of and a link to a document you can download with information about all the Storyline Player colors.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Laura!

Can you share a bit more information about how you are publishing and viewing your content?

I published for web and tested on Tempshare and I am not seeing what you are reporting.

Do you see the same result in my published file:


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