resources menu behind youtube web object


I've just been testing youtube video as a web object and noticed that the Resources and Menu open behind the youtube video.

...and from this old thread:

Here's what dev said:

"YouTube video is special, we host that in a flash control so the Z order works. Google docs video (and most embedded videos like screenr, vimeo, et al) use a web object behind the scenes."
Thus, the Resource tab will always appear behind the Google Docs video. 

Does anyone have any idea if this is likely to change, or is it going to be a permanent limitation unless google change the way youtube works?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karl,

We're aware of an issue where player elements display behind web objects, but for YouTube videos inserted via Video from Website are wrapped in a Flash control, so they won't experience this issue.

Unfortunately, there are currently no other workarounds. When additional information becomes available, we'll post it here and on that Support article. 

Karl Gunter

Thanks Ashley.

It is not  so big an issue because the point is to have a full screen option by utilising the youtube video player (rather than maximising video size in the player wrapper). Having the menus in the left sidebar works fine for that.

It would be nice if a future version of Storyline could have the option to toggle full screen video (from videos within the project) rather than having to publish content to youtube, vimeo etc and embed - i.e. keep everything for a project under one roof.

...although I guess there are advantages to using specialised video hosting rather than putting contained on a shared hosting server and watching it struggle if traffic picks up!