Resources not available (error 404) after publishing

Hello all.

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I recently finished a small project and published it via Articulate-Online (a great platform by the way).

The project had a couple of PDF files in the Resource section.

The project itself uploaded and worked just fine, but when pressing either of the

resource files all I get is an error massage (error 404 – The page cannot be found).

When publishing the same project via CD or WEB, the files work just fine.


I am guessing that, for some reason, the files are not uploading together with the project and all it does

Is set a referral to the files, which are on my hard drive and that's the reason they are not found.


I would appreciate and suggestions or answers as to why this is happening and what can be done about it.

Thank you in advance. Hagai.

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Hagai Gurfel

Tried both - new name for the files and a new name for the project. Still the same error.

The thing is, in the address line (after i click on the resource) the address is of the Articulate Online domain. not the address of my hard drive or anything like that so it doesn't seem to be pointing at the wrong destination...

Hagai Gurfel


Problem Resolved!

After you said that you didn't have any problems i published the project again, but this time the project name and the resource name (and the files themselves) were written in English (before they were in Hebrew) and it worked just fine.

So either file name in the player or the file name itself, being in a different language, probably caused the problem.

Thank you for very much for your help and feedback!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Josh,

Ouch! Sorry, this setup is causing such a headache on your end.

The issue with the file names and shorter paths is noted as a part of the Storyline best practices here and that limit is imposed by Microsoft. 

If you think something else is going on under the hood, or you need any other help, please let me know! Our Support Team is also available 24/7 by connecting with them here!