Restart / Resume Problems

Apr 17, 2020

Hello all,

I want to share an experience with you all and ask for recommendations. I have been working on creating on-demand courses using storyline. Especially, when used layers in slides, users sometime have some issues. Here is the problem:

I hide next and sometimes prev buttons and don't make them active until they visit all layers. Then, users are supposed to click on Next. However, when users click on Prev or go back to a previous slide and come back to the current slide, next button disappears. Has anybody else had this sort of problems? What are your solutions? Personally, I started to hide prev button on that slide and the next slide. 

Thanks in advance.

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Jan Lua

Hi Remzi,

For my project, I manually created buttons that have hidden states that change when either animation on an object completes or when a trigger occurs. When I experienced the issue you mentioned in your thread, I found the following to be the usual causes:

1. "When revisiting" in slide properties were not set correctly. I believe resume saved state would be ideal for your scenario.

2. One of my objects that relied on a variable trigger did not execute because the variable was not reset. I included variable resets on the base layer to fix it.

If you can let me know what triggers and conditions are on your buttons, it might give us more insight.

I hope that helps.

Jan Lua

Hi Remzi,

I have triggers that rely on a variable change, i.e. A music on/off button that changes the variable "music" to either a 1 or a 0. On the base layer I set the "music" variable to 0 and it helps a lot when revisiting that specific slide from another part of the scene.

If you have a similar trigger, having a set to base value trigger on the base layer would hopefully fix the issue.

Let me know how it goes.

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