Restart slide audio

Question:  I have a slide with 5 layers.  The main slide has audio, and each layer has audio.  I want the audio on each layer to restart each time the learner clicks back to it, and I want the audio on the main slide to only play once, unless the learner clicks on the player slide bar to restart.

I have disabled the "prev" button provided by Storyline, and added my own "Previous" button.  This way the learner can't click "Previous" and end up hearing multiple audios at the same time.  But when I click on my Previous button, and then return to the slide, the audio picks up where it left off.  I'd like it to restart.

Is it possible to set this up?

Thank you!

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Ant Pugh

Hey guys - I have a similar question to this that isn't covered in Jeanette's tutorial video (I don't think), how do I reset the Base Layer after a Slide Layer has been visited? I have an audio clip on the base layer and I want tat audio to restart each time the learner moves from a Slide Layer back to the Base Layer.