restart slide trigger

Hi, a "restart slide" trigger would be useful. For a custom layout i have hidden the bottom seekbar controls, so the "replay" button is not available in the player. I created some custom controls into a master slide, so while i can easily trigger "go to next slide" on a generic custom next button, i cannot find a way to trigger a "restart slide" command.

I don't want to insert a replay button on each slide, i just need to find a way to trigger a "restart slide" on an element into the master slide. Maybe i could execute a javascript with a specific function?

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Zio Fonta

Hi Leslie and thanks for answering.

The problem is I have the navigation button into a master template, because i would like to keep them shared all through the course. I cannot find a way to set the trigger "jump to slide > this slide", the wizard force me to choose a specific slide from the list....