Restarting slide layers

Jan 29, 2015

I am playing around with imported web objects and I've run in to some problems that I can't seem to solve. My goal is to be able to import all sorts of animations which would then start when i hover over them and then disappear when the cursor is no longer hovering over the object. So far so good.

The animation which is in a seperate slide layer runs simultaniously with the slides timeline, so if i hurry  and mouse over the object when the slide has JUST loaded i get to see the animation, and then it is forever stuck on the last frame of the animation. I'd like to be able to restart the timeline of the object when the mouse is no longer hovering over it. I saw a post by Tomkuhlmann ( who was answering a question about a similar problem. However, restarting the slide itself is not an option for me because i have a looping videobackground which would look strange if it restarted everytime i mouse over a new web object. pleeeeaaase help.

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