Restoring the state of an object to Normal after hiding

Jul 19, 2018

When I have users hover over an object on the base slide, other objects on the base slide (all text) are hidden. I want to restore the visibility of those objects when the mouse is no longer hovering over the one object. I've tried a number of approaches, including a hot spot across the slide for which hover over was supposed to restore the objects to Normal -- did not work. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


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Orson Kellogg

This is in progress, so may not make a lot of sense. Basically, certain words on the base slide are supposed to be joined with additional words on each layer -- to make complete sentences -- then when I leave a given layer all the words on the base should reappear. I'd love if I could simply hide words on the base slide and have them be displayed again when leaving a layer. (Otherwise, I'll probab copy the background from the base to each layer... as I have begun doing...)

Thanks for any feedback you have.


Orson Kellogg


Thanks very much! I realize in looking back at my file it was kind of a mess, with some half-attempted solutions in there. Your rectangle that adopts the background of the base slide works great! Just to show what I originally had in mind -- and it's nearly complete now -- I've attached my latest file. 

By the way, my interest in Storyline is mainly about marketing rather than elearning. I think the tool has great potential for interactive marketing. (But I also wonder if some minor changes to some aspects of SL could make it more usable for marketing.) I think that marketing media producers might be a good-sized target market for Articulate. If there's anyone at Articulate who is interested in that, I'd love to chat/brainstorm. 


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