Restarting Video with Countdown Timer

Oct 24, 2022

I hope you can help me :)
Customer wants to show a video but doesn't want the inbuilt video control. I've created a custom play/pause button and a timer that counts down when the user clicks play. The timer stops when the user clicks pause and starts again when the user clicks play.
All was well until I attempted a restart video icon. I used triggers to reset the min and sec variable. I thought I could just "jump to this slide" when clicking on restart button, but although it does restart, the play/pause button becomes out of sync. There's also a yellow instruction box I don't want to see the next time around.

I've replaced their clinical systems video with a different video showing my own cupcakes. 

Can anyone help me to overcome the restart video problem? 

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Ron Price

Hey Elizabeth

This is a nice build. Ideally, you want your restart button to replicate the behaviors of the play button. Since you are using variables, etc., it is not quite as straightforward as a duplication of triggers. Here is an edited version  of your trigger panel that will work. I have highlighted the triggers I added to make this happen.