Restore on mouse leave not working for hidden objects

Mar 20, 2019


This has been discussed previously but also apparently fixed.

I have attached a demo file containing two rectangles. The rectangle on the right has a hover trigger to hide the rectangle on the left. The trigger is set to restore on mouse leave (the rectangle should come back to visible), but it does not.

I tried altering the trigger to just change the rectangle to a different custom state (rather than fully hidden), and that does restore on mouse leave.

So there seems to be an issue specifically tied to bringing an object back from hidden to normal visibility when the mouse leaves an area.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Mary Bammer

I am having a similar issue. The hover state is working perfectly in my base layer, but in other layers, it is not working at all.

I am wanting the X (close) button to be highlighted when the user hovers over it (Hover state), then to return to the Normal state when the mouse leaves. 

Instead there is no state change when the mouse hovers over the button, and the button disappears when the mouse leaves.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mary

see attached changes to your file. 

SL built states like hover and visited do not need triggers.  I removed all the triggers on base layer to change states to hover and visited and on the layers the hover state. It's working as expected.

What you need to be careful of is using icons in the middle of shapes or buttons where the user must get an exact point on the object to make the click /hover happen.  

See attached Peek video for what I mean.

Hope that helps.

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