Restricting objects until multiple audio files complete

Jun 11, 2015

Calling all heros!

I have a slide with 3 icons/buttons , 4 audio files, and 3 text boxes.  It is a single slide without layers.  (I tried layers and ran into issues when trying to restrict the NEXT button even though I used Visited States on each layer and conditioned the NEXT button to meet the criteria - it just wasn't working).

Initial view is just 3 icons with intro audio.  Icons are disabled until audio completes.  There are also 3 hidden text boxes underneath the icons.  They are stacked on top of each other.

When audio completes, learner can click any icon/button they like.  This triggers a text box under the icons, and a new audio file.

I want to restrict learners from selecting another icon/button until they finish hearing the audio on the current object.  Right now they can click about whenever they like, and although I have adjusted the audio so that it doesn't clash, it still doesn't solve my problem of making sure they hear it all before clicking the next icon.

I basically want this:  Change State of Text Reveal 2 to Normal when user click Button 2 on the condition that Audio file 1 is complete.

Appreciate any help!


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