Result page with feedback on only the wrong answers when failed the quiz

Aug 17, 2020

I would like to add feedback on the incorrect answers to the result page at the end of the quiz. It is like a few hints on the incorrect answers and after that they should redo the same quiz. This next to the score and if they passed / failed the test. Is this possible? How?

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Judy Nollet

You can add whatever info you want to the Failure layer on the Results slide.

If you want to only show hints for the questions the user answered incorrectly, you'll have to use variables, conditions, and states to track which questions they got wrong and then only show the hints for those questions. 

Alternately, you could use a Review Quiz button and set it up to include a Review layer with the appropriate hint. The user would have to click through every question (correct and incorrect), but that is one way to provide post-quiz feedback.

If you need more information about quizzes, results, variables, conditions, and states, check out Articulate's tutorials and user guides ( ).

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