Result slide problem in a test

Nov 02, 2018

Hi all,

I am building a test with a LOT of question banks. I am having trouble with the Results slide reporting the results accurately. Hoping you can help me find the bug & resolve it! Sorry about the long post, but since the test is complex, I need to explain how it is structured to get valuable feedback. I am attaching the details along with screenshots where appropriate. I need help with two questions:

1.       Why is the Results slide reporting incorrect data?

2.       When I am publishing the test, why does the Tracking tab show 57 questions? I see the correct number of questions (60) when I take the published test.

Looking forward to hear your tips!



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Paula DeYoung

Hi Priya,

I recently created a Quiz-only module that was made up of 12 question banks.  It is challenging to keep it all straight.  It's difficult to tell much from the Issues attachment, but I'll tell you how I set up my quiz module in SL2 and maybe something will jump out at you.  By the way, on your issues document, I see only 44 questions?

My quiz settings:

  • Each question bank had 10 questions worth 1 point each.  I set each bank to randomly draw 5.
  • I created a result slide for each bank
  • I created a final result slide to aggregate the 12 individual banks; and selected 'user must pass each quiz'


Priya Santhanam

That's a good idea. Is it possible to have Results slide for each question bank computing in the background without displaying the question bank-level results? I need to display only the final results to the test taker.

The issues doc is an example of how the test is set up. The actual test has 60 questions displayed to a test taker.

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