Result Slide Properties and Manage Project Variable workarounds!

Dec 16, 2016

Chayuch (Greetings)!

I have imported different template quizzes into an existing scene/course before deciding which quiz to modify.

When  doing so, each template adds its Results.Score variable, for example, to the list of existing variables. If one Results.Score variable has the same name of an existing variable, SL2 prompts you to rename or keep same name.

Upon choosing one of the quizzes and deleting the others, it appears the variables of the deleted quizzes are still available in the variable list. This has caused me great confusion as I'm having to try different result slide options to get the final results...which hasn't quite happen yet.

I'm creating a course with 4 modules and a final quiz. Each module will have a knowledge check (short quiz). Right now, I have imported two quizzes and have decided to use one for all 4 modules knowledge check, and the other for the final course quiz.

My problem is choosing the right result.pass score to produce the outcome that I want. I've tried several options and sometimes the selected triggers automatically change the result.score variable after I've changed an option in the result slide properties.

I don't know if posting the modified quizzes with help. I just need to understand how to work with the many Results.Score variables that are in manage project variables.

Sorry for such a long-winded explanation....that's my female/right brain side at its best.


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Chayuah to you Alyssa!

Sorry for the late feedback. Just want you to know that I understand completely your workaround...thank you. However, it doesn't appear that you (I) can delete any variables.

Therefore, I noted which results I was using for a particular quiz result and chose that variable. So far, it seems to work. For example, looking at your screencapture (thank you for taking the time to do so) the existing Results variable are calculated by percentage or point. I chose the % when my I wanted the quiz to tabulate via % and so on.

Again, thank you!

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