Result slide says 100% but report says failed

Feb 11, 2018

I have a course that has 10 graded questions at the end.

Right now it is published to web for demo purposes.  would this affect the printed resultes of the quiz?


Final quiz:  100% = Infinity% ?     

Print results:  Finishing with Infinity% shows as “Student Score = 0,  Result Fail”   (see screenshot)


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kelly

the issue with Niomi's file was the location of triggers: This was my response to her.

When I opened the file I noticed that the triggers to show the success/fail layers were located under the Player Triggers category - this is incorrect

I opened each trigger to check the 'object' was the Results slide and saved them - they are now located under the Slide triggers category which is correct.  Instead of sending your file back do you want to have a go at doing what I did - so just click each trigger under the player triggers / open the trigger / check it references the result slide and save it.

Daniel Church

Hi Kelsey - Was this issue resolved for you? I'm having the same problem with a couple of my courses. The results screen following the quiz is giving some learners a score of %infinity% and their actual score isn't being correctly recorded in my LMS. This seems to be happening to learners who have had more than one attempt at the quiz.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

I took a look at Kelsey's case and it appears that our team wasn't able to replicate in our own LMS environments, so they suggested she enable LMS debug mode so that they could find out what information was being passed to her LMS to track down that infinity% further. 

If you'd like to go through the same steps, our Support team is always able to help read through the debug logs! It can be a lot if you're not used to it. 😉

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