results calculating from number of questions attempted = bad

Oct 20, 2014

Hi Everybody,

I have a really interesting problem involving quiz tracking.

I have three modules that are simply assessments. The problem is that when you answer a question and get it right it sets your score as 100% (you need 80% to pass) - if you close the course at this stage it says you have completed the course.

If you answer two questions and get one wrong it gives you 50%.

I can't see a way to get it to stop doing this - calculating the % based on number of questions correct out of the number attempted. Obviously I want it to do number correct out of total number of questions.

Can anyone help?


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Emily Ruby

Hello James!

This might have something to do with how the individual results slides are set up.  However, if you are not seeing this in a new file, you may want to try importing this file into a new Storyline file.

You may also want to try running a repair in Storyline.

you can also attach your file here for a closer look.

James Brandwood

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your input. I don't think I need to do a repair however as when I make a new course it runs fine - in fact I can't for the life of me replicate the fault and there is no setting i can see that makes it calculate the percent from number of questions attempted.

I will try the import into a new storyline file, but when I have done that in the past it looses a lot of variable and player associations which is a bit frustrating.

If there is a setting that tells storyline to calculate the percent from number of questions attempted/total number of questions it would be nice to know.


James Brandwood

Interestingly in Storyline 2 you can only import a template file. I realise I can just save my project as a template and import it but I am not going to go this route as there will be a loss of associations in doing that and given the nature of this fault it might be best to start a-fresh with a good deal of copy-pasting.

James Brandwood

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the help.

I've gone an done a complete rebuild and it is working perfectly. This project was one that went off to UAT and had some pretty big changes afterwards (originally didn't track a score) as well as being upgraded to Storyline 2. In the end I think it just got a bit corrupt and a good example of the fact that when changes are big, it's better to just restart rather than frankenstien a project.

Unfortunately Steve due to privacy policy restrictions I can't upload this one.

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