Participant can answer as many times as they like but only 1st response counts for points

Feb 02, 2016

I'm working on a module that the learner must be able to revisit all questions an unlimited number of times. The learner can only advance if they have at least attempted the question, but once they have, they should be able to go forwards, or backwards, as often as they like. Points will be awarded for each correct answer, but only if they get it correct at the first attempt. Otherwise, no points are awarded. Is this possible to set up?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi James!

By default, question slides in Articulate Storyline have a Submit button, meaning each question will be submitted one at a time for evaluation and feedback will be displayed immediately. If you want all the questions to be submitted at the same time at the end of the quiz, change the navigation controls from Submit buttons to Prev/Next buttons. Here's how.

As far as granting points only if chosen on the first attempt, that would have to be customized, and hopefully if anyone in the community has set up something similar they will chime in to assist you here.

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