Individual points for multiple response questions

Jan 26, 2017

Hi there, 

I have a quiz which contains multiple response questions. How can I award 1 point for each correct selection? 

Currently if the user selects one correct answer but not the other they are awarded no points. I have seen in a previous post that you can select 'to score by choice' but this option doesn't appear in the drop down.

I also have a drag and drop question where I would also like to award one point for each correct drop. 

Any ideas would be great!

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Dave Cox

Hi Alex,

Multiple select does not support score by choice. That's why you don't see the drop down. I guess Storyline expects multiple select to only be used for partial credit scoring of incorrect answers. Take a look at this page to see how it works.

Still, I think that you can do what you are trying to do. I'll submit an example for you after a bit.

Dave Cox

The variable I added is for the logic only. Storyline does not allow us to directly access or change the scoring variables, so I add the points using the "hidden" question slides. The triggers add the points as needed in those hidden slides. The first question pair uses a true/false question to add the extra point when needed to the first multiple choice question. The multiple choice question has more than one value that might need to be added, so I show how to add the additional points using an additional multiple choice question, with the correct score values in the answers. This way the score value is correctly updated, and may be sent to the LMS.

Dave Cox

In the example I posted for you, I added a results slide. That slide will send the results to the LMS. The hidden slides are where you add the points as needed to the results. Those hidden slides are actually question slides that are answered by the triggers as needed to add the extra points. So by the time you get to that last results slide, the points are already added into the value sent to the LMS. Take a look at the score that displays on the results slide, and you can see where they were added.

Alex Deighton

Hi Dave, 

We're slowly getting there but we're still having some problems.

Our first question is a multiple choice with two correct answers. 

We've created two True False question slide afterwards, one for each correct answer, which will be hidden. These will change to true when they've got each answer correct. When you get both answers correct you are awarded two points and this works! However if you only get one answer correct you should receive 1 point but this isn't working. 

Dave Cox

Hi Alex,

I'm sorry, I don't have the new version of Storyline yet, so I can't open your project. So let's go back the the example that I created for you, and I'll explain the process in better detail.

The multiple choice question has three possible correct selection patterns. If both correct answers are selected, the slide recognized the answer as correct, and awards 2 points. If only one of the correct answers are correctly selected, the slide is incorrect. Because we want to award a point for the correct selection anyway, we add a point to the variable, with the incorrect feedback layer, and move to the next slide. 

The next slide is a hidden slide. This is a true false slide, which is only set up to add one point if needed for the first slide. The triggers on the main layer checks the variable. If the variable is set to zero, the selection is false, which is incorrect, submits the answer, and the slide moves to the next slide. But if the variable is set to 1, we need to add a point. The triggers select true, and submits the correct answer, which adds 1 point to the total score.

The second multiple choice question has three correct selections. This adds up to seven possible correct combination that we must account for, and 3 possible scores. To handle this with only one hidden slide, I approached this one a little different.

  1. First, we must zero out the variable when the timeline for this slide starts.
  2. Next, if all three correct selections are made, the slide is correct, and awards 3 points. No additional points are added to the variable, because we don't need to add any additional points.
  3. If any other combination of correct answers are selected, then we must determine the correct number of points to add. This is accomplished with the triggers on the Incorrect layer. We check each correct selection, and add 1 point for each correct check box selected. There are 3 correct check boxes, so we must check each one, so there are three triggers. Each trigger add a point to the variable. When we are done checking, we move to the next hidden slide.
  4. This slide selects answers 0, 1 or two based on the answers. Since this is multiple select, we can use score by choice to select the correct number of points to award, and it really doesn't matter if the slide is answered correct or not. The choice selected matches the number of points to award, so if there is one point in the variable, choice one is selected, and one point is added to the score. Same for two points. We don't need to add three points, as we already added those because the previous slide was answered correctly. The correct number of points are submitted and added to the score and we move to the next slide.
  5. The next slide, is the results slide, and should now display the number of points that you earned by the previous interactions. You can set it to look for the passing score based on your requirements. I left it at 80%.

I hope this helps.


ric stier

Hi, this question is for Dave.

I have been working on this same problem, I thought that I was getting it to work, but found that the hidden slides are adding additional points to the total possible points that the quiz uses for grading.  I may have missed a step?  My quiz had 26 possible points, but after adding a hidden true & false question and a 3 point multiple choice (similar to your example) the total possible is now 30.  Is there a way for the quiz results not to include the value of the hidden slides when figuring to the score?

Thanks for your assistance!!


Dave Cox

Hi Ric stier,

Yes, you are correct, the additional slide would add some additional points to the total. That may prevent your score from reaching 100%. I think the only way around that issue would be to only add points from the additional slide, and not add the points from the original slide. So instead of adding 0-3 points, always add 0-4 points based on the user's selection, and set the number of points awarded on the original question slide to 0.


Dave Cox

To hide a slide in a project, you simply don't show anything. Keep your background the same as the previous our next slide, set any timeline objects to start at least 1/4 second after the beginning, and set a trigger to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts.

The triggers will run, but nothing on this slide will display, effectively hiding the slide.

Meenu Nanwani

Has anyone tried partial scoring for Match Drag and Drop questions? If they receive 3 correct and one wrong answer, since the scoring is by question, they receive 0 points right now. It would be great if they received partial points for correct answers. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Royd Chisanga

Hi Dave, like my colleagues here, I am also trying to create a quiz with partial scoring for multiple response questions. I have followed your guide and created all the slides as shown in your example. The calculations are working and sending the totals to the result slide. However, I am getting errors from the hidden slides that "Invalid Answer: You must complete the question before submitting". Any help with this??


Dave Cox

It sounds like you've submitted the slide without selecting an answer. One of the steps above describe how you can select an answer when the slide starts using a trigger. You must complete that step before you submit this slide. If you do have that trigger set up, make sure that is is set in the stack to activate before the trigger that submits the slide. Triggers are executed in the order of top down in the trigger list.

When I wrote the procedure above, I was using Storyline 2. I haven't tested it to see if it will work in Storyline 360, but I suspect it should work just fine. 

Jessie Chen

Hi Dave,

It's super helpful. However there's one part I can't get it to work. I have 5 options and 4 correct answers. I need to give 1 point to each correct answer the student selected. So I used your 2nd example. 

When I preview, after the 2nd question slide, it says "You must complete the question before submitting". Do you have an idea why it happened? 

Dave Cox

When you see that message display, that is telling you that submit was seleted with no answer provided on the slide. If you are selecting your answers using a trigger, make sure that the trigger selects an answer before the trigger that activates the submit action. 

First try disabling the submit action, and run the project to see if an answer is actually selected when the slide runs. If that is successful, check you trigger order to make sure that the answer is selected before the trigger that actives the submit action. The selection triggers should be higher in the stack than the submit trigger.