Results from attempts in a pick many question are wrong

Nov 27, 2012

Hi everyone

I have a pick many question where the user has to select the 10 hazards in the image.

I have given them 3 attempts, and instead of using states I am using layers (as I only want the area in the image to be clickable once).

I am doing some testing on it and if I select all 10 hazards in the first attempt I get "correct" feedback.

However if I select the incorrect hazards for the first or second attempt, but then select the correct ones for the second or third attempt, I get told that I have not selected the correct ones, even though I have.

I am very confused as to why this is happening. I have checked my pick many results and the correct ones are selected, so not sure where the fault lies. I have attached the .story file is someone could have a look and point out where I'm going wrong, I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Shelley! I think I see the issue. In a multiple response question that allows more than one attempt, the items that the learner selected on their initial try(s) will still be in their "selected" state when the learner gets their next attempt. So what's happening is, when the learner selects a wrong item and then gets the Try Again button, the wrong items they marked initially are still selected. In your slide, this isn't obvious because the "selected" state looks exactly like the normal state. What you can do is, on the Try Again layer, create a trigger for each of the clickable items, to return the object to its "normal" state when the learner clicks the Try Again button. I just did a quick test of this and now things seem to work as designed. Give that a try and I think you'll be all set. Hope that helps!

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